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Sungdong ISET

성동 아이에스이티

Sungdong ISET began in 1986 with the establishment of Sungdong Enterprise Co., Ltd., which is the basis of the current shipbuilding business.
In 2001, the company founded Sungdong Shipbuilding & Marine Co., Ltd. to enter the shipbuilding business.
Sungdong attracted attention in the ship market as the only large-scale shipyard in the world to adopt on-land shipbuilding as its main construction method, creating the best shipbuilding technology and quality.

Impressing the world's leading shipping companies by ceaselessly pursuing R&D and innovation, Sungdong ISET earned the distinction of becoming the world's 5th largest shipyard in the shortest period of time, and achieved the historic record of launching 100 ships within the shortest amount of time after entering the shipbuilding industry. These records are a testament to the company's impact in the global shipbuilding and shipping markets.

Based on this experience and advanced technology, Sungdong ISET Co., Ltd. operates domestic and overseas shipyards, and is leading the way by carrying out international trade and construction projects for sustainable growth.

To create the best corporate value for the world, Sungdong ISET will grow into a forward-looking company that develops innovative technologies by incorporating cutting-edge IT, and will continue to explore new business areas.

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