About us


The history of Sungdong ISET's growth unfolded as follows

Sungdong ISET started its special welding machine business in the Sasang Industrial Complex, Buk-gu, Busan, Korea in 1986, and supplied patented welding machines for shipbuilding to Hyundai Heavy Industries, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, and Samsung Heavy Industries, while conducting joint R&D with its clients. Since then, Sungdong has started a specialized shipbuilding business, and through its command of the world's leading shipbuilding technology, is engaged in shipbuilding, ship repair, and offshore plant business, international trade, and construction, while providing outsourced production technology and human resource outsourcing services.

Based on the close relationship it has maintained with Middle East countries since 1986, we successfully diversified our business through partnerships with Iranian state-run organizations and companies to provide international trade services and outsourced services.

  1. 1986
    Establishment of Sungdong Industry, Sungdong Construction, Sungdong Electricity, Sungdong Machine&Tools, Sungdong Castec, Sungdong Crane, Sungdong Machinery, Sungdong Heavy Industry.
  2. 2001
    Establishment of Sungdong Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.
  3. 2005
    06 Received First vessel orders for Twelve(12) 93,000 DWT Bulk Carriers, from Marmaras, Greece.
  4. 2006
    03 Production and operation of 1,900ton Goliath crane and 30,000ton TLC floating dock (Both Built by SUNGDONG). 03 Development and application of the world's first GTS (Gripper-Jacks Translift System) technique (Patented). 04 Vessel Orders received for Eight(8) MR-sized tankers, Ten(10) Product tankers, and Two(2) LR-sized tankers from Golden Energy, a subsidiary of Restis Group, Greece. 05 Vessel Orders received for Eight(8) Cape-size bulk carriers from Restis Group, Greece. 05 Successfully launched the first ship with the world’s record of the shortest launching time (5 hours): the first launch of a 93,000 DWT Bulk carrier for Marmaras, Greece. 07.27 Received vessel orders for Five(5) 6,500 TEU container vessels, worth 500 million dollars from Danaos Corporation, Greece. 08.10 Received vessel orders for up to Six(6) 115,000 DWT Aframax tankers, from Angelicoussis Group. 12.06 Received vessel orders for Three(3) 176,000 DWT bulk carriers, Cape-size, from Arne Blystad, Norway (worth 70 million dollars per vessel).
  5. 2007
    01 Ranked top 8 shipyard in the world by CGT (2.8 million CGT) according to Clarkson Report. 02 Ranked top 5 in the world by DWT (13 million DWT) according to Clarkson Report. 12 Obtained OHSAS 18001 certification.
  6. 2008
    01 Establishment of Sungdong Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. Research Institute and development of Side Shifting technique (Patented). 06 Integration of Sungdong Heavy Industries Co., Ltd./Sungdong Castec Co., Ltd./Sungdong Logistics Co., Ltd. as Sungdong Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.
  7. 2009
    04 Built the world's first on land(GTS Method) shipbuilding method for container ship production and the establishment of a production research institute. 08 Ranked 1st in the world in terms of ordering Cape-size bulk carriers, with a record of 8.5 million DWT according to Clarkson Report. 11 Awarded the "Export Tower" with a value of 1 billion dollars.
  8. 2010
    02 Establishment of Athens branch office in Greece. 05 Breaking the record for the largest bulk carrier(180,000 DWT) built on land.
  9. 2011
    01 Development of Automatic Message System (GENI) by Sungdong Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd., (Patented). 03 Achievement of delivering 100 ships within the shortest period in the world. 12 Awarded the "Export Tower" with a value of 2 billion dollars.
  10. 2019
    Establishment of Jakarta Branch office in Indonesia (PT.SUNGDONG INDUSTRY GROUP)
  11. 2022
    Aquired small -sized shipyard in Iran