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Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering

As the world's first large-scale shipyard to adopt on-land shipbuilding as its main construction method, Sungdong ISET has unrivaled technology capable of launching ships of up to 300,000 tons from land.

Shipbuilding Division

In 2001, we developed our own proprietary method of launching a ship from land in the shortest time. In 2008, we succeeded in building and launching a 175,000-ton bulk carrier, the largest ever built on land. In 2009, we built the first container ship in the world that was constructed entirely on land, breaking the limits of on-land construction and opening a new era.

Sungdong ISET's onshore ship building method allows a range of building methods to be applied, and ships can be built in any space.
Also, this method does not require the construction of a dry dock facility, and has the advantage of reducing the number of human-hours, as the necessary processes can be performed in advance.

Based on state-of-the-art production facilities including mega-sized Goliath cranes, professional human resources and technology, Sungdong ISET can build bulk carriers, container ships, general merchant ships, and special ships including ships related to marine development such as LNG carriers, LPG carriers, FPSOs, and offshore drilling ships, always guaranteeing the highest quality and reliability.

Sungdong Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering is committed to achieving new world records and goals that exceed the shipbuilding industry rankings we have achieved so far, not only in Korea but also in overseas shipyards. We will develop a stronger and more differentiated competitiveness to become the world's best shipbuilder based on our professional human resources, advanced technology and IT systems.